Custom Cabinet Pricing: What to Know in 2024

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Cabinets hold a place of extreme importance in the home – whether it’s kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity or mudroom storage. It will be one of the biggest decisions you make when remodeling. Selecting custom cabinetry that fits your design personality and the style of your house is a major consideration. You might be wondering about custom cabinet pricing and whether it’s the right investment for your Milwaukee home. Although custom cabinets are more expensive than other options, it means you can pick EVERYTHING you want – door style, paint/stain color, wood species, cabinet organizers and more.

Read all about the cost of custom cabinets below.

Why Custom Cabinets Are More Expensive

To understand why custom cabinets are more expensive, you have to first understand what other cabinet options are available and the differences in quality, size and finish options.

What are Semi-Custom Cabinets?

Semi-custom cabinets are medium-quality and come in varying sizes. They cost less than custom cabinets but offer fewer options. Many options of stock cabinets are available at big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards. If you want decent quality cabinets but don’t need storage features or a specific color then choose semi-custom cabinets.

What are Stock Cabinets?

Stock cabinets, while low cost and readily available, offer only the most basic options in size and finish. They are also low quality. If you are looking for cabinets available right now at the most affordable price, then choose stock cabinets. 

What are Custom Cabinets?

If quality and craftsmanship are important to you, then CUSTOM is the right choice. Custom cabinets are of high quality and can be finished with any type of paint or stain that you choose. They are available in any size and can be customized to your personal preferences. Anything is possible! Most design build remodeling firms choose custom cabinets for their projects.

Type of CabinetsQualitySizesFinishCostBenefits
Custom CabinetsHighAny sizeAny paint or stainHighOne-of-a-kind and totally customizable
Semi-custom CabinetsMediumIncremental sizesMost popular finishesMediumAffordable option 
Stock CabinetsLowLimited sizesBasicLowAvailable now

Factors Affecting Custom Cabinet Pricing in 2024

  • Size of Room: The size of the room determines the size, shape, and number of cabinets you will need in your kitchen or bathroom. Obviously the more cabinets needed, the higher the cost. One way to cut back on cost is to consider open shelving instead of upper cabinets. 
  • Materials: Some materials are more pricey than others. Think about what type of wood you want to use, whether you want glass doors, and other factors. If you are looking to include an outlet for electricity inside the cabinet, that will also increase the total cost. The most affordable wood options include: maple, red oak and alder and the more pricey woods include walnut, cherry and white oak. 
  • Storage Features: Custom cabinets can include special storage features to make everyday life more organized and enjoyable. This includes trash and recycling bins, cutlery trays, pantry storage rollouts, a spice rack, or pull-out drawers. In the bathroom, you could add a grooming organizer for hairdryers, razors, or toothbrushes with a built-in outlet inside the cabinet. 
  • Finish (Stain vs Paint): Are you looking at a finish or paint for your cabinets? In some instances, a painted cabinet can cost more than a stained cabinet. That is because the paint application process is more involved. It begins with several coats of primer and is followed by layers of top-quality paint. Sanding is done between each of these coats. 
  • Millwork & Molding: The style choice of your cabinets will play into pricing. Adding trim or crown molding will give your cabinets a more aesthetically-pleasing look. As a rule, more elaborate trim and crown will be more pricey. 
  • Delivery & Installation of Cabinets: Do you need delivery and/or installation? Hire the MKE Cabinetry team to make your installation even more easy and convenient. 
  • Demolition Costs: Putting in new cabinets means removing old cabinets. With that comes the cost of demolition and a dumpster for disposal. Will you hire someone or do it yourself?

How Custom Cabinet Pricing is Calculated 

Custom cabinet pricing can be calculated in several different ways. Generally it is done per linear foot, per cabinet, or per project. At MKE Cabinetry, pricing is calculated based on the number of cabinets, material, custom features, finish, and storage features.   

It’s important to get a detailed quote and understand what’s included before starting the project. That way it’s a seamless process with no confusion.

Typical Pricing of MKE Cabinetry Custom Cabinets

Pricing of MKE Cabinetry custom cabinets depends on the materials, finish, storage features, etc. 

Kitchen Cabinets Start at $10,000*
The average kitchen is $25,000*
Bathroom VanityStart at $2,000
The average vanity is $4,000*
Other Projects (Mudroom, Bookshelf, Desk, etc.)Start at $2,000*
*Pricing does not include delivery or installation. The average kitchen installation cost is $5,000 and the average bathroom installation is $1,250.

Services we do NOT offer at MKE Cabinetry:

  • Cabinet refacing (door replacement)
  • Cabinet painting
  • Cabinet repair
  • Single cabinets to match another cabinet in your kitchen
  • Kitchen projects under $10,000
  • Bathroom vanities under $2,000
  • Other projects under $2,000

Why Invest in Custom Cabinets?

  • Support a local business & tradespeople: Buying cabinets from a local business supports the local economy.
  • Customer Service: We provide excellent customer service from start to finish. You’ll speak directly with our design team that works with our craftsmen. 
  • Total Customization: Choose any door style and a custom color to match your design style. Cabinets are built to fit your exact space. Stock cabinets and semi-custom cabinets only come in certain sizes and you’ll need to use filler strips to fill in spaces. If you want a high end look, then custom is the right choice! 
  • Storage features: Custom cabinets offer a wide variety of storage options including trash/recycling bins, built-in drawers, spice racks, appliance garages, charging stations in cabinets, hidden pantries and more. 
  • Highest Quality: We want you to love your cabinetry. We offer you high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We know you want every aspect of your cabinets to look and feel high end. Our job doesn’t end when the cabinets are built. We personally deliver and install custom cabinet orders. And we stand by our work if any issues arise.​

Get an Estimate for Your Custom Cabinets

The first step to get an estimate for custom cabinets is to fill out the form on our website. Next, you’ll talk with a member of our design team to get information about your project (scope, timeline, budget, etc.). Next, we will send you an estimate. If you want to proceed with the project, you’ll sign a design agreement and we’ll take final measurements and order the materials. 

Custom Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions

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